Little Explorers

In Brooklyn, Nico, Leo and I fill our days with as much fun as we can, but it's hard not to fall into certain patterns when you're close to home. But take two toddlers across a bridge and plop them in Manhattan—The Big City as my cousin Henry used to call it when he was little—and you'll be amazed at how much can happen.

On Saturday, we went to see a play I was reviewing for Mommy Poppins. We rode subways, sat next to a famous family (more on that in my review of the show), bumped into Minnie Mouse, Mickey, Cookie Monster and other famous characters on a corner in Times Square, used a bathroom in a hotel, had custard at Shake Shack, played in an empty fountain, met two dogs named Maya and Walt, threw pennies in a real fountain, lost a shoe in that fountain, were very grateful when a man and his son found a huge stick and fished the floating shoe out of the fountain, walked through Union Square and sampled Martin's Pretzels at the farmers market, watched some dudes with serious moves have a dance party underground and then made our way back to Brooklyn.

New York, you might make me crazy sometimes, but I feel so lucky to call you home.

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