DeLonghi's Il Gelataio

The sound of my father-in-law's gelato maker whirring on his kitchen counter is something I'll always remember from our recent trip to Brazil.  During the two weeks we spent at his house in Bahia, he made gelato almost every day. Two times a day, on occasion. This, and the beach, and the little monkeys that occasionally arrived in the afternoon to see what sort of food they could snatch might explain why Nico said to me out of the blue the other day, "Mama, I really enjoyed our trip to Brazil."

Nico would happily welcome a bowl of ice cream at any time of day, and in Bahia, he was able to eat plenty of it, at the oddest hours, and help his VovĂ´ make batch after batch. Coconut was my favorite, and although we couldn't convince Andreas to throw some pieces of dark chocolate into his machine, we always chopped some up that we brought from Brooklyn and encouraged people to sprinkle it on top.

The machine—DeLonghi's Il Gelataio—made it way too easy to have incredible gelato. There was no slaving over a stove and cooking eggs and all the other complicated steps that come with making ice cream. The machine takes up a lot of counter space and is over $200, and with so many great ice cream shops nearby, I really can't justify buying one. But maybe you can? I never did get a good shot of the gelato, or more accurately, I never really bothered because I'd much rather be eating ice cream than taking pictures of it. Bad blogger.

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