We left Rio on Sunday and after some time in a plane, car and finally, a boat, we arrived at Daniel's Dad's vacation home in Bahia. I didn't realize how badly we all needed this break from city life. Here, the hours just seem to float by and the biggest decisions of the day always involve food. The air is filled with the sounds of chirping birds, whose high-pitched conversations are so soothing when you're more accustomed to fire engines, noisy buses and honking horns. Even though the house has Wifi, it feels silly to spend much time on the internet here. There's a big, beautiful bay to swim in, cozy hammocks for swinging and snoozing, and so many plants, flowers, bugs, birds and even monkeys that at times it feels as if we've moved into a mini zoo. It's hard to disconnect these days, but in a place like this, I couldn't be happier to disappear for a little while.

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