Outdoor Eats

When I worked at Food Network, warm days often led to long lunches at La Bottega, an Italian restaurant with one of the best outdoor areas in NYC. The spacious patio's white and blue umbrellas, paper lanterns dangling in between trees, and a view of the hip Maritime Hotel soaring into the sky made it such a fun place to escape the daily grind.

Unfortunately, I haven't been there in a while, but I still included it in a list of my favorite places for outdoor dining on Mommy Poppins.

What are your favorite places for outdoor eats?

Image via The Maritime Hotel


Anne Stesney said...

For a cheap, no-frills meal I love the Yaffa Cafe in the East Village. I love their simple salads with chic peas and avocado, with extra carrot ginger dressing. Reminds me of my early days in NYC!

Lia said...

Anne, I like Yaffa too. Haven't been in years though!


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