Five Years

The other day, I remembered that I moved to Brooklyn on June 1, 2001. I can't believe I've been here a decade. Ten whole years in an amazing place where I never expected to end up. And then today, I realized that I published my very first blog post on June 16, 2006, half a decade ago. Life has changed a lot since then and I love looking back and reminiscing.

To commemorate five years of blogging, here are some of my favorite posts from the last five years.

Dinner at El Bulli
Gramercy Tavern's Gingerbread Cake and a Goodbye
The Best Meal I had in Brazil
A Thank You Lunch at the Spotted Pig
Brooklyn or the Burbs
This Week, I'm Elephant
Butcher's Rag├╣ with Fusili

It's always nice when friends and family tell me they've enjoyed something I've written. This year, I even got a special and surprising shout-out, a reminder that other people are also reading. So, just like I did back in 2007, I'm hoping you'll leave a comment either here or on This Little Piglet's Facebook page in honor of this special occasion. Feel free to just say hello or to tell me how you found my blog and your favorite post.

As always, thanks for reading and here's to five more years of good food and This Little Piglet.

P.S. The image above is from a post I wrote on my 29th birthday, another favorite.


Anonymous said...

Kudos, Lia & TLP! Five more & five more & five more! Keep enjoying the great bites & sips! Sending you/yours love! -- Lee

Daniel said...

Congratulations, Piglet! Keep the posts coming. We love it.

Lia said...

Thanks to both of you!


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