The Bright Side

Last night was perfect. For my Mom, and me.

For days, I'd deliberated. Taking two kids to the city at a time when they were usually both in bed didn't seem to make sense. Lack of sleep, stomach bugs, and a holiday without heat and hot water had me on edge. The snowstorm only complicated things. Our car was buried in a few feet of snow and taxi services were beyond overwhelmed. I considered going alone, but knew how disappointed my Mom would be. When Daniel came home from work, Leo and Nico had major meltdowns at the same time. We both started to feel very negative about the whole situation.

I escaped to the shower. As hot water drowned out the noise in the next room, I gave myself a little pep talk. I knew it was a special night. Maybe everything would go off without a hitch. Maybe the subway wouldn't take forever and we'd have no trouble finding a taxi to take us from Lexington Ave over to York. Maybe the boys would be fine going to bed much later than usual. Maybe they'd both behave and I'd have a much needed night with adults, good food, and even a little wine.

Being positive was a good idea.

Nico, my little party animal, was as happy as could be all night and still in good spirits at 11pm as we were getting ready to leave. Leo hung out with us at the dinner table for the first few courses before taking a nap on my Mom's cozy bed. The food (wild mushroom soup with a pear puree and cumin oil, mache salad with a goat cheese medallion, filet mignon with tomato Madeira confit, stuffed tomatoes, asparagus gruyere, wild mushroom bread pudding, and a gorgeous custom cake from Pink Cake Box) was excellent, friends and family made touching toasts, and my Mom looked more beautiful and exuberant than ever.

I even taught myself a little lesson. When something seems really hard, and I feel like I might crack, it always helps to look on the bright side and forge ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Yi, I don't know how I missed this post! I love it - thanks for being the best daughter any Mom could ever wish for. xoxox


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